Blog post: “What Regulations Can Colombia Expect From The New Renewable Energy Law?,” October 2014

Even though Colombia took a step forward in its energy policy through the publication of Law 1715 of May 2014, the coming regulations will be critical in defining the specific incentives for energy producers, utilities, electricity consumers and developers. Westeva government relations lead, renewables policy development expert and Bogota native Ivonne Peña, PhD, weighs in.” [Continue reading…]


Blog post: “Who is most responsible for Climate Change,” September 2013.

“Which countries are responsible for climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions to date? In light of the release of the working group I (WGI) contribution for the IPCC fifth assessment for climate change, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s September 20th announcement of new limits to carbon emissions from coal and gas power plants (details here), this post aims to put into perspective the cumulative carbon emissions emitted to date by the U.S. and other countries.” [Continue reading…]

Blog post: “What Are Other Countries’ Policies Regarding Renewable Energy Development?,” November 2014.

“Although Colombia is in the process of enacting renewable energy regulations, other countries and regions have long since established incentives and detailed mechanisms toward the same end. Westeva gives a brief summary of the type of policies that apply in the European Union, in the U.S. and in other Latin American countries.” [Continue reading…]

Blog post: “Don’t Just Assume You Should Know: How To Be An Excellent Mentor,” October 2013

“Of course, latin-american foreigners are minorities in Pittsburgh. And that is totally fine. Yes, it can be challenging but also rewarding and awesome. I am originally from Colombia, where I did my undergrad. Back then, in my early 20’s I decided to go abroad. So, in 2008 I moved to Pittsburgh and I have found that obvious things are not obvious anymore when you need to adapt to a different language, a different country, a different city, a different neighborhood and a different career with different people. ‘Of course’ starts becoming an obsolete term in your own vocabulary.” [Continue reading…]